Why the internet cafe is a must-try

The internet cafe offers a place to meet, talk, and connect with people from all over the world.

With more than 5,000 active members and millions of daily visitors, the internet café is one of the most popular places in the world to be connected with people and connect to other like-minded people.

With its simple design, the cafe is one that makes meeting people from around the world easy.

Find out why the internet cafes are the most used places to meet in the country below.1.

The internet café at an office space in central Singapore (via kangkuruk) 2.

The coffee shop at a cafe in central Bangkok (via nathaniellefroy) 3.

The cafe at a shopping mall in central Seoul (via bianca mccauley) 4.

The local cafe in the city center of central Jakarta (via mrkou) 5.

The small cafe at an apartment building in the southern city of Malacca (via gina) 6.

The café in the suburbs of Istanbul (via sultanfahad) 7.

The street cafe in a shopping center in central Jakarta in the summer (via laurie de la leche) 8.

The old-fashioned cafe in an old-style hotel in central Tokyo (via elliott mays) 9.

The bar at a small cafe in downtown Buenos Aires (via jason vin) 10.

The modern cafe at the back of a local coffee shop in the trendy tourist district of Santiago (via marcel bischoff) 11.

The cozy cafe at night in a traditional home in central London (via takanashi) 12.

The traditional coffee shop on the rooftop of a hotel in the heart of the English capital (via robertson roberton) 13.

The hipster cafe in London’s West End (via dylan boulter) 14.

The new cafe in Seoul’s trendy central shopping district (via elena zagadze) 15.

The trendy cafe at sunset in the old neighborhood of Seoul (photo: jordan vin/Flickr) 16.

The chic cafe in Stockholm (via hanuk khan) 17.

The funky cafe in Hong Kong’s historic heart (via yapin gong) 18.

The classic cafe in Singapore’s bustling downtown (via samir gan) 19.

The stylish cafe in New York’s hipster neighborhood (via shannon lee) 20.

The casual cafe at home in the chic neighborhood of Hong Kong (via vince bower) 21.

The contemporary cafe in Brooklyn’s trendy downtown (photo by bobby hanna) 22.

The cute cafe at work in New Delhi (via sebastian james) 23.

The smart cafe at lunchtime in a cafe (via amanda smith) 24.

The quiet cafe at school in a school (via benjamin wagner) 25.

The retro cafe in Sydney’s fashionable suburb of Caulfield (photo courtesy of karen brenton) 26.

The nostalgic cafe at breakfast in a restaurant (photo via leilani rasul) 27.

The cool cafe at noon in a coffee shop (photo @susie lee/Instagram) 28.

The vintage cafe in Japan’s historic downtown (photos via mikko yoshi) 29.

The classy cafe in Beijing’s trendy shopping district 29A (via steve dawkins) 30.

The quirky cafe at dinner (photo of julia hanson) 31.

The beautiful cafe at dawn (photo, via john loyola) 32.

The fun cafe in Tokyo’s trendy Central Park (photo.

via paul hutchinson) 33.

The sexy cafe in Berlin’s trendy touristy district 33A (photo © katie jones) 34.

The party cafe in Istanbul’s fashionable neighborhood 33AA (photos by paul harvard) 35.

The playful cafe in Amsterdam’s trendy district 33B (photo copyright: nietzsche) 36.

The laid back cafe in Copenhagen’s trendy neighborhood 33B with a view of the waterfront (photo credit: mikael dejong/Flickr via zurich) 37.

The fashionable cafe in Rome’s trendy suburb 33C (photo on the right: hans köttgen/Flickr/Flickr.

via michael daly) 38.

The cosy cafe in Mumbai’s trendy residential neighborhood 33D (photo taken from the top: katia paulsen/Flickr, via james wickham) 39.

The fancy cafe in Melbourne’s trendy suburban neighborhood 33E (photo provided by michael dejong) 40.

The romantic cafe in Athens’ trendy commercial district 33F (photo supplied by josiah wickam) 41.

The eclectic cafe in Milan’s trendy commercial neighborhood 33G (photo obtained from jimmy dejong).


The relaxing cafe in Edinburgh’s fashionable residential