AT&T is testing a new, faster internet plan

AT&t Internet, the wireless broadband company, is testing the use of its new Internet check service in select markets, according to the company’s latest quarterly earnings report.

The Internet Check service allows consumers to check for potential data usage, billing errors and more.

It’s also a major feature of AT&ton’s new data plan, which was announced in February.

AT&ts plans for the service include offering a $99 monthly plan for the first three months of the service.

That would cost consumers $70 per month for the plan with a $35 per month additional fee.

That fee would then increase to $40 per month after a month, according the company.

AT &t Internet plans for a $70 monthly plan with $35 monthly fee for the third month.

AT shares rose slightly to $62.90 in after-hours trading on Thursday.

The stock is up 10.9% so far this year.

AT’s Internet Check feature is the latest in a growing number of broadband providers offering online service for customers.

In September, Comcast announced it would offer the service to customers in certain areas.

And earlier this month, Charter launched the service in several regions of the country.

AT plans to roll out the service nationwide in the next few months, and expects to have more customers on board in the coming months.

AT and Verizon are the two companies behind the new service, with AT&Ts plans covering the entire country.

Verizon’s plans for its new broadband service include allowing customers to use it as part of their unlimited data plan.

AT says that while it is the same for both carriers, it’s the faster version that’s available to customers, while AT&s is only available to those with a 4G LTE device.

AT has a $45 per month plan for unlimited data.