Why Comcast internet down and wave internet Xfinity is up and running for customers

The Internet is in a bit of a shambles and that includes Comcast, as the cable company’s internet is down.

According to The Next Wall Street Journal, Comcast’s internet has been down for at least the past two days and it’s not clear how long it will last.

Comcast said it has been working on a fix but the issue is causing havoc with Comcast’s customers, who can’t log in or access their internet services.

Comcast internet was down for several days, but it has since been back online.

Comcast also told The Next Business that its outage is unrelated to the recent Comcast outage.

Comcast, a $45 billion company that’s known for having its finger on the pulse of consumer internet, has long struggled with its infrastructure and its ability to handle high-speed traffic.

Comcast is currently the third-largest provider of broadband internet in the US, behind Comcast and Verizon.