When does a patient’s internet usage count against their doctor’s score?

When a doctor uses the internet for research, he may score higher on a test than a patient who is simply using the internet to get help with his or her own health issues.

In some cases, a patient might have the right to access the internet even if it does not affect his or herself.

But there are some limitations to using the web to access healthcare information, such as the fact that some internet providers and other providers may not provide internet access to doctors or hospitals. 

So what’s the catch?

What are some of the limitations to accessing the internet?

What does a doctor need to know about internet use to determine whether he or she should be allowed to use it for healthcare purposes?

What is the scope of internet use?

The scope of a doctor’s internet use can vary from one hospital to another, depending on the size and scope of the hospital.

For example, a hospital may have a limited internet capability, while an emergency room might have a greater need.

Some hospitals may also have a dedicated medical site, which may be accessed by medical professionals who work in the hospital, such that a patient can use that website to find out about care available. 

Some hospitals also have web access points to allow people to access their own healthcare information.

Other hospitals may have dedicated websites for their patient population. 

How much internet do you need?

What kind of internet do I need?

Are there restrictions on how much internet I can use? 

What are the rules for doctors and hospitals regarding internet use for healthcare? 

Internet access in general is available for anyone.

It is also possible for a patient to be denied access to internet access for medical reasons, such with a physical disability. 

Internet use by a doctor is generally not considered a problem for a doctor. 

However, doctors may need to be aware of the potential for internet use in order to ensure the confidentiality of their work. 

For example, doctors should be aware that some online forums and social media may have potentially negative consequences for the health of patients, and that their own internet usage may not always reflect the information they are sharing with others. 

Is it ok to use internet in a clinical setting? 


However, a doctor should not expect a patient with a disability to be able to use the internet on a daily basis, especially when it involves healthcare.

It’s also important that a doctor monitor their own use of the internet. 

What do I do if I have concerns about a doctor using the Internet? 

If you are concerned about a medical doctor using internet for healthcare, please contact your local health department. 

Can I request access to my internet from the internet provider? 

Some internet providers have strict rules regarding how and when a doctor can access their network.

Some providers require that a medical professional must be logged into their network for the doctor to be granted access. 

Do you need to check my internet usage on the internet before I can request access? 

The internet providers you use may not ask you to do this.

You may have the option to request access for a specific reason such as if you have a medical emergency or are having a health care emergency.

You should always check your internet usage to ensure that it does NOT negatively impact your healthcare. 

When should I check my online usage? 

Sometimes, you may want to check your online usage in order not to miss important healthcare information or to be notified of changes to your medical care. 

Where can I find out if I need to change my internet use if I become pregnant? 

You can check your web usage if you are pregnant. 

Are there restrictions for doctors who have medical emergencies? 

For certain health emergencies, such like the Zika virus, there are no restrictions on a doctor being able to access patients online. 

If I’m in a hospital emergency, do I have to keep the doctor onsite? 


I am a woman who has breast cancer, what should I do? 

It’s important to be informed about what the rules are regarding breast cancer and how you can access breast cancer care.

For more information on breast cancer in women, visit the Breast Cancer Information Centre. 

Who can access my personal information from a healthcare provider?