Verizon and Netflix announce deal to offer Internet for free in the U.S.

The companies announced a deal to provide free Internet to consumers who are in the top quartile of broadband Internet speeds.

Verizon will offer Internet to about 6.5 million Americans, or about 0.3 percent of the population.

Netflix will provide Internet for about 4.5% of the U, or roughly 0.1 percent of Americans.

The deals comes on the heels of a year-long partnership between Netflix and Verizon.

The streaming service offered free access to Netflix for its members.

Verizon said the deal would extend the same benefits to Netflix and other members.

The companies will also offer a Netflix Unlimited service, which offers unlimited access to more than 70,000 movies and TV shows, and a Hulu Plus membership, which includes streaming and online access to hundreds of thousands of movies and television shows.