How the internet shutdown will affect you and your family’s lives

You won’t be able to use any internet-connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, or smart TVs, as the world’s internet shut down.

The outage, which is expected to last for a week, was triggered by a rogue computer virus, and the Federal Communications Commission announced it will phase out all federal government websites, including the FCC, the Justice Department, and most federal agencies.

In an update Friday, the FCC said the shutdown will last for five days, until Wednesday, and will be extended to Saturday and Sunday.

The FCC has previously reported it was likely to get hit with as many as 200 million temporary interruptions.

But with the blackout lasting only a week and the FCC saying it expects to get back online in the next few days, that number has dropped to about 5 million.

“While we can’t say with certainty what the impact will be, it appears the Internet will remain offline for a period of time,” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said Friday.

“I will not be commenting further on the matter.

That is my final decision.”

The FCC says it is working with the Department of Justice, the Department Of Homeland Security, and other federal agencies to ensure that the public is kept informed about the shutdown.

“There will be no access to the internet, or other services, for a limited period of Time,” the FCC says.

“We encourage you to keep checking back for updates on the status of the outage.”