Sonics vs Netscape: Which of the two is more valuable?

Sonics owner Ted Leonsis is trying to woo Netscape into the fold.

Leonsis has a history of trying to persuade Netscape to join his online video service, Netscape Live, but the Netscape CEO has been rebuffed.

He also has been vocal in his frustration with Sonics ownership and the state of the franchise, saying it’s time for the franchise to move on and move on.

“Sonics fans have a choice to make: either continue to support the Sonics or they can leave,” Leonsi said during a press conference Thursday.

Sonics owners have repeatedly said they want to stay with the team, and Leonss has not shied away from criticizing the franchise for the way it has handled the recent turmoil.

Leonsi’s comments came as the NBA announced its annual league-wide awards, which will be announced Monday.

Sonics owner Tom Gores said the league’s new “The Best Player in the NBA” award is designed to be a way for players to recognize their peers.

Sonos, for its part, has announced plans to launch a live-streaming service later this year that will include the Sonos Arena in downtown Seattle.

The NBA’s new players’ association said it will also award a “Best Team Award” to the league in 2020, which would recognize teams that have produced the most NBA-worthy players.

Leosis and the Sonys also have been trying to lure Netscape away from a television deal they struck with the NBA, which has been plagued by problems and is expected to expire in 2020.

Leonos has been in talks with other media companies, including ESPN, about the NBA streaming service, and has been negotiating with other sports leagues for the rights to televise their games.

Leonses company, Time Warner Cable, has also been trying.

Sonuses deal with Sonos will expire after the 2020-21 season, but Leonsas team is looking to extend it through 2023.

Sonus Arena, built in 2007, is expected in the works as a home for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, a team that is owned by Leonsist owners, including owner Vivek Ranadive.

Sonis Arena was originally slated to open in late 2018, but a deal with the league has not been signed yet.