AT&T’s internet speeds ‘hit record lows’ – and what you need to know

A record-low internet speeds are being blamed for the biggest outage in more than a decade on AT&t’s networks, with the telco saying it has been forced to re-route customers around the country in an attempt to keep them online.

Key points:Internet service provider AT&ts has had to reroute customers since last week due to a severe weather eventThe outage has hit more than 3 million Australians in the state of VictoriaThe company says it has not experienced a similar incident since 2012The company said that in a statement on Thursday it had experienced a “severe weather event” on Thursday that caused a large-scale internet outage that affected customers across the state.

“The internet outage caused some service disruptions on some of our network networks across the country, but the impact was small and we’ve been able to bring it under control,” the statement said.

“We’re currently re-routing customers around Victoria to ensure they’re still able to access their services as quickly as possible.”

Internet service providers (ISPs) are often used by households to access the internet but are often plagued by problems.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched a probe into whether AT&s has been unfairly manipulating the prices it charges for internet access, which the company has said has reduced consumer choice.

The blackout affected more than 100,000 Australians and affected more people than in any other outage in the company’s history, according to the ACCC.

It has also revealed that its internet speeds have been hit by record lows for the last three weeks, with a spokesperson telling the ABC that it had not experienced the same event since 2012.

“It’s been the worst internet outage in its history, with all of our customers experiencing a severe internet outage,” the spokesperson said.

The company has also warned that it is preparing to shut down services in Victoria in an effort to bring the internet down as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

The outage was the largest in its 41-year history and impacted more than 300,000 customers across Victoria.

“This was the biggest internet outage we’ve experienced in our history and the biggest in Victoria’s history,” the ACCCC said.

“This is the largest outage for our customers in Australia and one of the largest outages in Victoria.”

The spokesperson also said that the company was working with the Victorian Government to resolve the issue.

In an earlier statement, the ACCCs spokesman said the company had not seen an internet outage similar to the one in 2012, but that it did have experienced other issues in the past.

“Our internet service provider, AT& t, has experienced a severe, large-Scale Internet Outage that impacted a large number of customers, including those who were affected by the 2012 outage,” he said.AT&ts also said it was “very disappointed” by the outage.”AT& t has had a difficult week, which includes the largest internet outage since 2012, which affected a large portion of our business and affected many customers.

We are working hard to restore the service as quickly, cheaply and reliably as possible,” the company said.

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