Dish Network: ‘We’re not in the market for more than two’ – report

Dish Network is exploring options to reduce its network footprint and focus on other markets, the parent company said.

The Dish network is based in San Francisco and covers a large part of the US.

It also has about 100 million homes and is the third-largest US cable provider.

Dish has about 2.5 million subscribers in the US, including about 1.6 million in the Bay Area, according to company filings.

Dish’s chief executive, Michael Osterloh, told analysts in a conference call on Thursday that Dish’s focus was to grow the network footprint in the second half of the year.

Dish said the company was “not in the position to make a decision about what we might do moving forward” in the coming quarters.

“We don’t think that there’s a need to do anything in the near term,” Mr Osterlloh said.

“It’s more a matter of moving forward and seeing where our focus lies going forward.”

Mr Oasterloh said Dish was “taking an aggressive and long-term approach to the network”, but he declined to give specifics.

He also said Dish has “no plans to make any changes to the customer service or marketing, and no plans to add additional services”.

He also declined to offer further details on what changes the company is considering or how it will adjust the network to compete with rivals.

Dish was founded in 2000 and is one of the fastest growing cable networks in the country.

It offers services including cable TV, internet, phone and satellite TV.

Dish Network shares fell $1.07 to $29.10 in early trading.