NBA fined $250K for banning players from Facebook Live

The NBA is paying a record $250,000 fine to Comcast for its role in the shutdown of its popular Facebook Live streaming service.

The NBA announced the fine Thursday morning in a statement to the Associated Press.

The NBA says Comcast was a conduit to the NBA that facilitated the shutdown and that the company will not be allowed to use its social media platform to advertise the league’s games.

The league also said it will refund any money it may have received in a previous agreement with Comcast that would have provided the league with the rights to the NFL Network and other NBA content.

The suspension of the NBA’s live streaming service was announced in April.

The league was unable to find a solution with Comcast because of a technical issue.

The NFL was unable as well because it was unable or unwilling to find an appropriate solution.

The NFL, which has an ownership stake in Comcast, has said it is trying to reach an agreement with the cable company to keep the NFL’s streaming services online.