Why Verizon FiOS isn’t worth the $100,000 you paid for it

By now, you’re probably thinking that Verizon’s FiOS internet plan is just a $100 per month plan and that Verizon FiPS is worth the price of the cable modem, but it’s not that simple.

In fact, Verizon FiOs internet plan only works on a single device, and it’s only available on select Verizon Fi channels.

So, if you’re buying a new home, the only way you can afford a FiOS plan is if you have one.

That’s because there’s no “one” Verizon FioS internet plan.

Instead, the company offers different “tiered” internet plans, which range from $150 per month for a home with 1-GB of data to $300 per month, with up to 4G LTE connectivity.

Here’s how it works: Verizon’s new “tieled” plan, which will work with any Verizon device.