Which Tel Aviv ISPs are providing the best online service?

A new survey by Tel Aviv Internet Society has found that nearly half of all Tel Aviv’s ISPs are not offering the most efficient internet service, with the majority offering poor speed, slow connections, and poor network capacity.

According to the study, over 75 percent of ISPs offer only one or two data speeds, which is less than a full gigabit.

The Tel Aviv ISP, Israel’s largest and most prestigious, is Tel Aviv Communications and Information Technology, which has been the only ISP to provide Internet speeds of 100 megabits per second since 2011.

The company offers the highest speed, and the highest speeds are not always available, but the ISP also offers several services that are available at a lower speed.

Tel Aviv Communications’ website is full of features like free downloads and streaming, free unlimited data, unlimited voice, and a high-speed internet connection.

However, only one of those features is available to the public.

The other three features are available only to customers who subscribe to the ISP’s premium service.

The service, called Tel Aviv Netline, allows customers to upload and download movies and TV shows at the highest possible quality, but it is also slow and unreliable, according to the report.

Most Tel Aviv customers have to pay for this service, which includes a monthly bill.

This is the lowest speed of the three ISP offerings, which only provide a basic internet connection at 30 megabit per second.

Telesave, the company that provides Tel Aviv Telecoms internet service to customers, said that it was offering the best speeds.

The ISP is offering a speed of 50 megabittps, which means that it is able to provide download speeds of 20 megabitted per second to over 70 percent of its customers.

However for most other users, the speed is less, as they have to wait until they hit 100 megabit per second before they can download their favorite movie or TV show.

Tel Aviv Telesave said that Tel Aviv DSL speeds were the slowest, and that most customers were experiencing slower upload speeds.

According to the survey, customers who subscribed to Tel AvivTelesaves service were more likely to say that they would like to have faster internet speeds, but that their internet speeds were not that good, or even average.

The survey also found that most Tel Aviv residents, like most Israelis, prefer to pay by credit card, rather than paying for a service with a subscription.

However the majority of Tel Aviv citizens also prefer to use public transportation instead of using the ISP service.

In addition, most Tel Hashemites are not aware of the internet service they have access to, and many of them don’t even know what internet service their ISP is providing.

According a Tel Aviv city council member, the ISP has a very poor reputation among the public, and it was decided to cut its service down.

“We can only offer the best internet service at this point.

We hope that people will change their attitude and use other ISPs, and not the Tel Aviv Telecommunications,” said council member Ze’ev Alon.

Alon said that in order to improve the internet services of the public and the ISPs, the city council will soon begin the project of introducing a new public internet service.

The council member said that this project is currently being conducted, but has not yet been launched.

The article originally appeared on Haaretz.com.