Elon Musk’s internet outage could have catastrophic consequences for the internet

Elon Musk says his internet outage on Tuesday could have disastrous consequences for US internet users.

Musk told CNBC that his internet service provider is experiencing issues with its data centers, which is the problem that is affecting the US.

He also said that his office was shut down and that the entire internet backbone of the United States is down.

“We’ve got to have internet in order for the economy to work.

So, we’re experiencing some problems,” Musk said.

Musks internet was down for a second day, but the problem was quickly fixed.

Musker told CNBC on Tuesday that he had to call his internet provider to find out why it was down, adding that it took a while to get to him.

“I had to talk to them, I had to explain to them that the problems that we have are a result of a bad software, it’s not a hardware problem, and we need to do something about it,” he said.

“They didn’t seem to take it very seriously, but we are trying.”

The problem, which Musk said was due to a glitch, caused some people to disconnect their internet service and that affected many more.

“A lot of people who use the internet are getting hit with a loss of data, that is a problem for everybody,” Musk added.

Muskers spokesperson did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

Musky’s internet service was restored on Tuesday, but many users have reported that their data is being sent to servers that have been inaccessible.

Musking’s internet is also being used to power a new Tesla factory, which was slated to be built in the state of Nevada.

Tesla’s Nevada factory is the largest manufacturing facility in the US, with over 700 jobs and over $6 billion in annual revenue.

The internet outage will also affect Tesla’s electric car production, which will be able to manufacture the Model 3, a much higher priced car than Musk has previously been planning.

Musk said in May that Tesla’s plans to build a factory in the Nevada desert was off the table due to the internet outage.

The disruption in the internet was due in part to a new patch of software, which the internet provider said was being deployed as a fix for a problem with the way the network handles packets.

Musk also said the internet service that he was using was not being able to handle the new patch, which caused the problem.

Muskets new internet service will be a mix of gigabit and gigabit speeds, as well as faster speeds for users on high-speed data connections.

“We are going to continue to upgrade to gigabit for people who have gigabit connections and gigabyte for people that have gigabytes,” Musk told CNBC.

Muskin’s company, SpaceX, was also experiencing problems with its internet service on Tuesday.

Musk told The Verge that he is not sure if the problems were related to the new software.

“It was a new software patch and it was being rolled out to everyone in the world,” he told the publication.

“So I’m not sure.

It’s very frustrating.””

What we’re going to have to do is upgrade the network and then we’ll have to upgrade the internet,” Musk later told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”