How to use your low income Internet in Ireland


Download an account and login using your email address.


Once you’ve registered, click the “Get started” link.


The first screen will ask for a credit card.


You can choose from three different credit cards.


You will be asked to provide a mobile phone number and if you don’t provide it, your account will be suspended.


Once your account is up and running, you will be able to check the status of your account at any time.


Once the account has been suspended, you can get access to your account using a mobile device.


Once connected to your mobile device, you’ll be able browse the internet.


There are a number of websites available to access, including the Irish Department of Health, the Government’s own website, and the Department of Social Protection.


If you are an internet user with an income below €20,000, you may also be eligible for help from the Department for Work and Pensions.

If so, the government will provide a €10 assistance package.


If your account has already been suspended due to poor internet usage, you should not lose your job, pay income tax or any other benefits.

However, you might not be eligible to receive an extension of the suspension.

If that happens, you could lose your right to appeal against the suspension, which can be done in court.


If the suspension was due to internet usage that was deemed to be above the statutory maximum, you have until 30 days from the date of the last payment to appeal.

If it is still not paid, you must apply for an extension.


The Government has a page for the unemployed on its website, but the Irish Government has not published the details of those unemployed who have applied for an allowance of up to €15,000.

If an application has been made, the application must be approved before the date specified in the notice.


You must provide the correct details for the payment method you have chosen, as this will be the payment used by the Government to pay the unemployment allowance.

You should also provide the information on the payment you received from the bank.


The payment should be made in your name, as it is the Government that will receive the payment.


If a payment has not been received, you need to contact the Department on 03 666 1125 or the Department’s Office of Human Services on 03 603 8100.