Frontier says it will start offering a faster broadband service by the end of the year

Frontier Communications (FCC) announced plans on Thursday to begin offering a gigabit internet service by December, though details on the service have not yet been released.

The company, which owns and operates the popular Frontier internet service that connects homes and businesses across the country, says the service will offer speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Mbps) to customers of its new Frontier Internet Business Service.

The Frontier Internet Service will also offer more than 3 gigabit a month for customers of Frontier’s Frontier Business Service, which is for business users, and for Frontier’s Enterprise Service, a residential service that is for customers who are part of the Frontier family of broadband providers.

In addition to faster internet speeds, Frontier says customers will be able to access Netflix and other video services on the Frontier service, including the popular Vimeo and Vimeo Pro video-sharing services.

The announcement comes at a time when the U.S. is undergoing a rapid evolution in the technology behind gigabit broadband, with companies like Google and Amazon deploying gigabit-speed networks in the United States.

The Frontier announcement also comes as Netflix is seeking to expand its network into the United Kingdom, where it has an office.

Netflix announced earlier this month that it would expand its U.K. operations to include its existing home video service.

The FCC has set broadband rates at a rate of $3.50 per megabit per day, but Frontier said it will begin offering gigabit service in December.